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By Denis Lapierre - Thursday December 12, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
    Automatic Tarot - For entertainment only  Copyright © 2019 (2)  Denis Lapierre

Be wary of a woman who is new in your circle of acquaintances. She likes to joke around, but it’s really just to hide her real intentions. Be careful of her unbridled friendliness because some of her actions are not sincere. This woman is destructive and she particularly likes to exploit others, and even more so when love and sexuality are involved. This is a question of money and unfaithfulness. This woman has the ability to cause you great financial problems. You must be sure to limit her leeway against you, or else she will cause you real trouble.
The strength of your relationship is being put to the test. Someone is plotting against you. This person is part of the professional circle of the person you love. He/she is speaking against you, and doing so without really knowing you or without really knowing who you are. This person wants to deliberately break your relationship because he/she wants to win over the person you love. He/she has long conversations with him/her and you are not able to prevent this. He/she does not hesitate to use lies to harm you because he/she knows that he/she will not achieve his/her ends if he/she does not succeed in creating a gap between the two of you. This person is very malicious toward you and acts in such a way as to totally annihilate your future love plans. Can you trust your beloved? It is he/she that will decide everything. If your relationship has deteriorated recently, this is a bad sign. If, however, it is strong and if every day you do what it takes to keep it strong, this person will act in vain (and so you have nothing to fear).  Copyright © 2019 (2)  Denis Lapierre

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